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Big shipping companies appreciate the benefits of drones since in significant segments of their logistics systems the continuity of regular small cargo delivery is more important than large cargo delivery with long waiting time.

The Up Great Aerologistics Technological Contest is planned to take place before 2024. Its participants will have to overcome a complex technological barrier that will pave the way towards mass use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in goods delivery.


  • To ensure drone delivery of at least 50 kg cargo in 1000 km distance with many in-between dynamically chosen stops for cargo loading and unloading;
  • Such stops are 50-100 km far from each other;
  • Drones can get no tech support on these stops;
  • Remote pilot and remote pilot stations (RPS) cannot be substituted;
  • Landing area size is restricted according to infrastructural rules;
  • Drone delivery must be carried out as part of cooperative air traffic in common airspace and in difficult weather conditions.

Overall prize*
₽380 mln
*The award paid out from the federal budget may only be paid to Russian entities and individuals — tax residents of the Russian Federation.
₽30 mln
Satellite 1 prize
₽50 mln
Satellite 2 prize
₽100 mln
Satellite 3 prize
₽200 mln
Final Trial prize


The contest will end by 2024. It has 4 rounds: 3 Stages (“Satellites”) and the final trial. Each stage has its technological barrier. Participants can win a prize at the end of each stage. To enter the final trial, competitors need to overcome the technological barrier of Stage 3. Stages 1 and 2 are mostly designed as opportunity for participants to test their products and solutions.
Satellite 1
august 2022 - april 2023
1 stage
Satellite 2
june 2023 - november 2023
2 stage
Satellite 3
 march 2024 - june 2024
3 stage
august 2024 - october 2024
4 stage


for applications
is 30 days before
the start of qualification trials


Gleb Babintsev
Gleb Babintsev
Leader of the Aerologistics contest, CEO of AERONEXT Association
Alexey Volkov
Alexey Volkov
Techical Director of the Aerologistics contest
Roman Naumov
Roman Naumov
Chief Referee of the Aerologistics contest
Alina Garifullina
Alina Garifullina
Participants' Coordinator
Andrey Grudev
Andrey Grudev
Project Coordinator
Maria Esina
Maria Esina
Project manager, Events and PR at Up Great
Maksim Matrosov
Maksim Matrosov
Project leader of Technology contests Up Great
Yuriy Molodykh
Yuriy Molodykh
Head of Technology contests Up Great department
Denis Ovchinnikov
Denis Ovchinnikov
Flight Safety Advisor


PR Team